The research continues

I’ve been always fascinated by the romantic image of the fierce manager on the trench.

Endowed of intelligence, wisdom, humanity, courage, self-sacrifice, honesty. Direct and smart.

Entertaining and thoughtful. Intense and generous. Charismatic and merciless when things do not go the way he thinks they should.

A quick thinker able to grasp the major points of an issue, and address pragmatic solutions.

Reckless, but right most of the times, especially when there are high interests at stake.

I am not sure if this imaginary is coming from my parenthood, education, DNA… and if that is a good or bad thing. Probably it’s not even a useful question to ask. Because what matter the most is to know what we want to be.

At the time of writing, I am 41, and I am not entirely sure. I have an extraordinary family, a career I love, health, but I don’t feel completely fulfilled. Probably because I am still far away from the person I would like to be.