What do you do for a living?

My first manager, Marco (not a fantasy name), stopped every week at the same gas station on top of his brand new and fast Ducati Streetfighter.

One day the clerk asked: “that’s a nice bike, bro, what do you for a living?” And Marco replied “I am a Marketing Manager”, and the clerk continued interested: “what does it mean?”, And Marco, after thinking for a few seconds, responded: “I decide how to spend the Company money”. After a big smile the clerk told him: “that’s a hell of a job!”.

Marco got back on his shiny red bike and as soon as he arrived at the office, in a satisfied tone informed me about what happened and this anecdote stuck to my brain till now.

After 15 years, Marco is still there, same Company, same position, didn’t do much, professionally speaking, and despite considering that way of thinking unsophisticated, narrow minded and typical of small-town folks, I believe I should be thankful because back then, he hired me for the job over a dozen of other candidates.