Marketers are salespeople behind a laptop

I am aware that most of my colleagues refuse this definition, especially the ones who never tried to sell anything to anyone and are scared to death to even think about it.

But if you are looking for more likes or followers on social media, or u want people to give up their email in exchange of something, or you are trying to make people click on a button to continue on their customer journey throughout your marketing funnel, believe it or not you are trying to make a sale.

Ergo, if you want people to buy your product or service you have to empathize with them, relieve their fears, overcome all their objections and prove to them how their life is going to be when they buy your product or service.

As a marketer you also need to understand and use the human psychology as all great salespeople do. Because the secret of selling is to create trust, convey a believable story, and help fulfil a desire your customer has.

Bottom line is that despite your marketing position and job title you are a salesperson behind a laptop. Never forget that.