One ability that helps people lift their heads from the immediate

When you are the head of marketing you are constantly under pressure. You need to assure your team is delivering, that the department’s goals are met, that everyone is motivated, focused and committed to play their part in realizing the Company vision.

That’s why, among all the other things, it’s important to find the right time to switch off and decompress. Because it ensures your mind some peace, it helps to restore your energy and it also gives the possibility to zoom out and look at what can really move the needle in the process or executing the Company’s mission.

And if you are not able to unwind from work you are doomed to burnout.

Or maybe not, because you don’t care, but if you are responsible, accountable and you tend to go above and beyond you might need to consider the practice of de-stress as one of the most valuable ingredient of your recipe for success.

Meditation is definitely a powerful way to give your mind a break, also yoga or pilates are great way to de-stress, my favourite way to decompress is to have a walk in the nature. Every time I take a few hours to get outdoor I can take the beauty around me in, and afterwords I feel fully reenergized to hit the ground running at work.

Watching a tv series or a movie, reading a book, listening to some music or a podcast, it’s not restful. Maybe you are distracting from your hectic life, but at the same time you are feeding yourself with some more news, data and facts, and you are giving your mind some extra work to reorganize this new set of information.

On the other hand, activities like drawing, writing, crafting (like compounding a puzzle), deep breathing are the type of health activities that help to take the stress out and allow yourself to re-focus. But also exercising (including sex – definitely my favorite), having a massage, or taking a nap are great ways to restart the button of life.

Learn how to flip the switch, disconnect, re-focus and this will enhance your strategic thinking and help you to be a better leader.