Stop the insanity

What do you look at when buying a product? Are you picking the best or the perfect choice? It might sound incredible but everybody, and I mean everybody, just settle for the best choice available. Not the perfect choice, but the best choice possible to get in the market.

And that’s good news, because nothing and nobody is perfect, and most of the time, all it takes to win new business is to be one step ahead of the competition.

And also, it is insane to look for perfection, for the reason that customers are not sensitive to every little thing, sometimes they just want something, and with no drama:

  1. they connect,
  2. do their researches,
  3. and purchase what they perceive is the best fit to address their problem.

Is during this process that we have to be there, that we have to be relevant and we have to be valuable: in few words, customers need to find us quickly, easily and perceive our solution as the right one.

And nowadays people are demanding, they are accustomed to immediate reward, they do few thumbs movements and have their groceries delivered at their door, and it’s plenty of instantaneous digital solutions that offer friction freedom, relevancy, cost transparency, customization and humanity, because, yes, people, during this digital age, are still looking for consideration, understanding and kindness.

Do everything it takes to tick all these boxes and you will be able to create the conditions to optimize your marketing engine for success.