What’s your superpower?

You need to have a superpower. If you don’t, you’re just another handshake.

And remember: nothing is stopping you to be bolder and think bigger.

You have the option to smile at mediocrity, and run away!

And after that, just keep getting better at your unique talent.

But if you are confused, how to understand what’s your natural ability?

I’ll tell you what I did, I just messaged few people among familiars, friends and colleagues and asked.

This is the type of message I sent over:

Hey Lorenzo,

I am currently on holiday, so no better time to reflect and to ask you: what’s my unique ability according to you?

We know each other and work together for quite a bit now so I thought I’d ask.

I’m trying to double down on what I do best.


Feel free to personalize it and use it at your own convenience.