Performance Marketing is action oriented and measurable

You are a marketer, and most probably you have a budget that you can use to buy attention in as much quantity as you can afford.

And there is a good news in that, when you find an ad approach that works, you can scale it. And if you are good with analytics you can do it quickly and precisely.

The problem is that is not easy to find an approach that works.

First thing to do is to be clear about what you are doing and why.

Second you need to get noticed, because an ad, if it doesn’t get noticed it doesn’t exist. Just remember that you don’t have to talk to everyone, just to the right people that might be a good fit for the product you want to reach.

Actually there is another issue: digital ads are measurable, instantaneous and precise, but they are also one of the most ignored media out there. It’s quite common to run an ad and generate thousand of impressions with a ridiculous CTR and basically no impact on events happening deeper in the conversion funnel. Why?

Because people on the internet are scanning, sometimes clicking, mostly ignoring and they are inundated by ads and barely take actions.

If you are empathetic enough to understand that and fit into the story that your ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles) are telling to themselves then you increase the possibilities that your marketing efforts will lead to some orders and your ads will pay off, and you will be able to buy more.

The mantra is simple: if you are running ads online, just measure everything! Gauge how much it costs to get attention (cpc) and to turn that attention into an order (cpa).

Performance marketing ads are action oriented and measurable, they are all about adjustments on the fly and if you are running these ads differently, you deprive them of their nature. And your effort is useless, it doesn’t count.