Are you giving a sense of direction to the people you are leading?

Can you describe the vision of your Company?

Maybe you do, but most of the leaders in the organizations I’ve worked for, just couldn’t.

And if you can’t communicate the vision to someone in five minutes or less and get a reaction that signifies both understanding and interest, you are not doing a good job.

A company vision is meant to energize, motivate and bring people together around common goals. But what if your organization’s vision statement does not sound right?

Here a few examples of what I am referring to.

Well, in that case it’s still your problem. So, you can either change job or take ownership and ask yourself what is the Top Management trying to convey with this vision statement?

Your job as a people manager is to dig in beneath the “corporate pitch” and understand the message in a way that resonates with you. You need to understand where you and your business area show up in the vision. And if you are struggling, consider asking to a trusted colleague for their perspective, or just write me.

As soon as you get the gist of the message ask yourself if you are really motivated by the vision. And you better are, because you will have hard time getting your team members moved by vision if you are not. Because they will sense your lack of engagement, and that will transfer to them.

So, my suggestion to you is to re-imagine the vision and restate it in a form that you genuinely feel excited about.

Bring it down to earth for you and your business area, because only if you are aligned with the vision you can get your team aligned as well.