The 4 questions framework

The best product in the world will not save you if you can’t communicate properly.

So, let’s say your are in charge of the marketing and communication department, ask yourself the following 4 questions before even starting thinking about your marketing strategy:

What is the product about?

Start with what the product is (like “manufacturing marketplace,” “design furnishing shop,” or “mobile marketing agency”) and then give more details in simple terms.

Is this product for me?

Once people know what it is, they want to see if it’s a good fit for them (just like a dress, you try it on, before buying it). Talk about the problems it solves, the good stuff it brings, and how they can use it.

Do I want the product?

Show them what the future could look like. Make them excited! If they’re not into it, game over. And use emotions not features (if we stick to the dress example, it’s not about organic cotton, it’s about how it feels on your skin and making the world a better place).

Why this thing?

Show them why you’re the right choice for their situation and how you’re uniquely positioned to help them. Explain why choose you over alternatives, and what’s in for them. It varies on your market positioning, it may revolves around the message: look for quality, not quantity; be trendy; feel confident and comfortable; etc.

If you’ re able to develop your messaging and perform across all these four layers, you will be able to convert consistently more customers.