The TWO things you really need in your business

Actually, there are plenty. From the vision and mission statements to the frameworks of the 4,5,6,7 Ps: (1) product, (2) pricing, (3) place, (4) promotion, (5) physical evidence, (6) people, and (7) processes, but if we really want to keep it extremely simple and stupid, we need:

  • A reliable way to create customers,
  • A system to meet the needs of those customers.


That’s it.

Because if we keep creating a deal pipeline for the sales team, revenues will flow and as soon as the customers needs are going to be met, the business will thrive.

And as marketers we MUST direct most of our efforts in creating a marketing funnel able to guide potential customers through a structured journey, and while we are understanding their needs at each stage, we are delivering the right message to move them closer to conversion.

Only if we do so we can generate a powerful tool for optimizing the marketing efforts, improving customer engagement, and driving business growth.