The turnaround skill

Most people will take whatever they’re getting, the inputs they are getting and just keep that driving forward. Because the majority will stick to the status quo, it’s just safer and doesn’t require any additional brain power or extra effort to roll it out.

In fact, it takes a certain type of person to look at what’s going on and recognize that isn’t working and convince people to try something different.

And when it comes to try something different, it’s about figuring out who across the company can sponsor and support that specific initiative, but also how to get other people to pick up a new effort and try a new path.

It’s about getting buy-in from the top, and it’s actually thinking about a full strategy and most important executing that strategy.

That’s a turnaround skill, it’s something that not everybody can do and is able to handle and speak about, and that can be really valuable, to certain type of company.